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Woodworking Clamps

“You’re always one clamp short” is how the saying goes (I think). Make sure to check craigslist and garage sales to find some bargains on used clamps.

F-style clamps

Shaped like the letter F, clutch-style bar clamps are very common in most shops. They offer greater width than C-clamps and are quick to adjust to whatever size is required.

F-style clamp


C-clamps are generally made from cast steel and are strong and long lasting. They come in a number of sizes and provide a great deal of clamping force.

Face clamp

Face clamps provide even pressure over the face of the material to be joined which is extremely useful in glue-ups and other joinery.

Face Clamps

Quick clamps

Quick clamps can be used with one hand by squeezing the trigger to clamp onto the workpiece. In general the strength of these isn’t as strong as F-style or other clamps, but are required when you only have one free hand.

Quick Clamps

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